First date: Walt Disney World

Proposal: Walt Disney World

Wedding: Walt Disney World

Honeymoon: Walt Disney World


I love “Be Our Guest” because it’s basically a whole gigantic music number saying “Aw you’re sad? It’s okay. Food exists. Eat everything. Eat until the feelings go away.”

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Tons of people loved Shirley Temple, and one of her biggest fans was none other than Walt Disney himself. Their friendship began at the premiere of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, and continued on after that for many years. She continued to appear in the spotlight even after her retirement at 21 to help Walt open the Sleeping Beauty Walkthrough attraction with a family of her very own. Years after Walt passing she continued to work with the Walt Disney Company and even had a hand at crafting Del montes sponsorship of the Magic Kingdom version of the Diamond HorseShoe Revue. Rest in Peace to a Hollywood Legend and wonderful public servant Shirley Temple. 



This map shows where every Disney movie takes place.





Shirley Temple Black at Disneyland enjoying the Dumbo ride with daughter Susan and son Charles in 1956. The next year she returned to christen the new Sleeping Beauty walk-through inside the Castle. Another fun fact, in 1937 Shirley presented Walt Disney with his special Academy Award for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It was a standard-sized Oscar with seven little Oscars.

RIP Shirley!

I’m crying omg <3

She was so lovely :’)


Toying around with ideas for a T-shirt for my daughter.  The official Disney princess shirts for little girls irk me slightly.  I can deal with how they’re fluorescent pink and sparkly but not with how the princesses on shirts are always either limited to 1-5 of them or they’re stuffed in so that some are hidden behind others.  Not to mention they are always depicted in their fancy ballgowns and their superficial beauty and wealth is glamorised (like the world’s not bombarding little girls enough with that crap already -although I have to give exception here to Merida and of course Pocahontas who doesn’t have a fancy dress as such but then she’s usually stuffed to the back line in group images or left out altogether so meh) while other more valuable princess traits like kindness, perseverance, courage, generosity, thirst for knowledge etc. are for the most part ignored. 


GUYS I never noticed before but Gothel is looking at Rapunzel’s HAIR here. She says “Are you alright?” but she is checking to see if her hair is still in tact. Not cut or damaged. THEN she looks at her face and asks her if she’s hurt. This bitch….


Of the classic Disney animated movies, Lady and the Tramp had some of the most gorgeous storyboards.

I like how this single image conveys Aunt Sarah as large, formidable outsider. Someone that is oblivious to Lady. (Sarah has her eyes closed and nose in the air.) Remember that Lady was the center of attention in the house before the baby was born. And now Aunt Sarah arrives and not only is she indifferent to Lady…she’s a cat lover. In this story sketch we don’t know about the cats yet, but look how Lady is eyeing the basket. There is a nice diagonal that goes from Lady’s eye, to the mystery basket, to Aunt Sarah’s upturned head.

Concept to Final Design

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Song: Anna Pep Talk
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If you’re having a tough time, hopefully this’ll cheer you up. Everyone needs an Anna pep talk.

default album art
Song: Anna Pep Talk
92,571 plays


If you’re having a tough time, hopefully this’ll cheer you up. Everyone needs an Anna pep talk.



This is a new plane from WestJet it flies tomorrow to Orlando!! It’s got mickey and cinderellas castle!! The seats have stars and they hand out Disney character shaped cookies to everyone on all flights!! They play disney music at begining and ending of flight and the safety video is disney themed!!:)

I gotta fly this plane. Literally, RIGHT NOW!!!